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The German city of Aachen is located at a distance of only 12 kilometers from the Buitenplaats Mechelerhof; you can simply go on your bike! Aken has about 250,000 inhabitants. It is a real German city with many attractions. Without doubt the Aachen Cathedral, locally called the Dom, is the most famous landmark, but many visitors of the Buitenplaats the Mechelerhof also visit the hot springs of the city. A long time past been ago the were visited by the Romans.  In earlier times a lot of money was earned with the mining (coal), but this interest has declined over the years.

Sights Aachen

The current cathedral was part of the buildings that Charlemagne in Aachen had built, like the hall of Aachen, the current building dates from the 14th century. According to tradition, somewhere under the Dom Van Aken we should find the remains of Charlemagne and Otto III. However, it has not yet been found. There are still relics which Charlemagne took with him from his trips to the city of Jerusalem, including a loincloth of Jesus Christ and a cloth where the head of John the Baptist came to rest. Hence, the Aachen Cathedral is yearly visited by thousands of pilgrims. The Dom is very worth seeing and is on the World Heritage of UNESCO. Do not forget to visit the treasury of the Dom/cathedral; it is  full of gold and silver religious objects. There are in the city of Aachen more churches to visit, including the Trinity Church and the Holy Heart church. There are also nice ancient defensive walls. You can visit in Aachen for shopping or just for fun to wander around. Aachen Zoo, known as the Aachener Tierpark, is located just outside the city walls of the city. Between November and December there is a Christmas market in Aachen which is visited by many people.