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Museums and Culture

Southern Limburg is full of museums and culture. There are a lot of castles in the region, but also a lot of museums to visit. And many of these museums and castles can easily be reached from Buitenplaats de Mechelerhof. Even better: most cultural activities can easily be reached by bike.

Castles in the area

One of the most famous places is of course the Castle ruins in Valkenburg, where you can experience the history of the Middle Ages and the marl. Besides the castle ruins, you can also visit the Velvet Cave for special stories through the underground passages.

In addition, there are several castles in the region. Take the bike and ride for example to Estate Castle Wijlre. This beautiful historical place combines nature and culture in a wonderful way. There is the 17th century castle, a beautiful 19th century garden and beautiful works of art. Another beautiful castle to visit is Château Wittem. In Kasteel Hoensbroek you can take a beautiful water walk, meet knights or take an exciting castle tour with the family.

Museums in southern Limburg

In addition to castles, you can also visit many museums in the region. One of these is the Dirk Bal Museum in Sint-Geertruid. Dirk Bal is a visual artist and makes, for example, very realistic portraits. Another museum in southern Limburg is Museum De Kopermolen in Vaals. In the museum there are several expositions.

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Churches and Chapels

The region is also rich in chapels and churches. These range from small chapels to large cathedrals. One of these small chapels is the Catherina Chapel in Lemiers. This small church is the oldest hall church in the Netherlands. Dating from the 11th century, this church has a very rich history. Looking for something bigger? Then you quickly arrive at the Basiliek Van het Heilige Sacrament in Meerssen. This huge church on the marketplace of Meerssen is known for the oldest "miracle" in the Netherlands. In 1222 the blood miracle took place here.