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Spa and Wellness

Visit Thermae 2000 in Valkeburg

Located in beautiful surroundings and in a unique location in Valkenburg stata Thermae 2000. This wellness resort has whirlpools, whirl benches, indoor and outdoor pools and much more. You can easily rest and enjoy a whole day here. And the best thing is: for an entrance without treatment reservation is not necessary. So you can also travel to Thermae 2000 on the voucher.

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Carolus Thermen Bath in Aachen

Also just across the border with Germany you can enjoy a day of wellness. In Aachen there is a beautiful wellness resort where you can enjoy various spas surrounded by marble pillars. And the water from this resort comes from the famous Rosenquelle spring that rises in Aachen. This spring was already used to relax in Roman times. Charlemagne has been relaxing in this spring. It is not for nothing that the spring is named after him.

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