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Cycling South Limburg

Cycling environment Mechelerhof

Face the landscape of southern Limburg

The south of Limburg has by far the most extraordinary landscapes of the Netherlands. And how can you better see and experience this than by bike? Hills, valleys, meadows and woods, the diverse environment provides for endless cycling pleasure! For the recreational cyclists this is a true cycling paradise. The German and Belgian border region is just as special as the southern parts of Limburg. Come visit Buitenplaats De Mechelerhof and discover the beauty of this land.

We provide various maps with cycling routes at our receptions and they are also available at all the VVV-offices (tourist information) in the south of Limburg.

When you don’t feel like bringing your own bike, no problem. You can rent a bike all year long at our reception. Various bikes (for men and women) are ready for you to help you face the rugged landscape.

Hartje Heuvelland cycle route
Scenic route through the heart of the hills of Limburg

The name of this cycle route leaves no room for doubt. In the heart of the hills there is no meter asphalt surface. However, there is room for tranquility and scenic views. Take a bike, mountain bike, road bike and go for this challenging cycling trek of 55 kilometers!

Cycling junctions paths

Pass through the hilly country on the pedals

Get a taste of what the hilly country of Limburg has to offer – cycle wise. Below you find two lovely paths, created by junctions. The junction-map is available at the reception for € 5,60. For more advise on the best routes we are happy to help. Do you have your own fun ideas and/or experiences? Please share them with us! We might even use the information, route and photos to share with others through our website.

A path of about 32 km brings you from Mechelen, via Valkenburg, to Gulpen. You will ride through the lovely ‘Geuldal’ (valley), past various castles, across the tourist town Valkenburg with its cozy terraces and along the highland where you get to see various beautiful sights of Limburg. It goes without saying that you will have to do some climbing and descending.

The start of the path is at node 90 – at the left of the exit of Buitenplaats De Mechelerhof.
From node 90 you ride to node 86 (3,1 km) – to node 85 (1,9 km) – to node 58 (3,7 km) – to node 59 (5,1 km) – to node 60 (0,6 km) – to node 68 (3,2 km) – to node 69 (3,2 km) – to node 85 (5,8 km) – to node 86 (1,9 km) – and again to node 90 (3,1 km).

A path of about 22,5 km across the far south-east of Limburg, and you will also ride a few kilometers in Belgium. You will pass through the village situated on the highest point of the Netherlands, Vijlen. In Belgium you visit Sippenaeken before you turn back to the Dutch border. This route encompasses a few challenging ascents and descents, a path for the trained cyclists.

The path starts at node 90 – at the left of the exit of Buitenplaats De Mechelerhof.
From node 90 you cycle to node 92 (7 km) – to the Belgian node 1 (1,1 km) – to node 91 (4,3 km) – to node 93 (4,6 km) and back again to node 90 (5,5 km).