Mountain biking over the rolling hills

The Mechelerhof is situated in the middle of the most beautiful and heaviest ATB-tracks in the Netherlands. The Mechelenroute, the Vijlenroute, the Gulpenroute, the Sint Geertruid route and the Voerstreekroute (Belgium) are all around De Mechelerhof. All Zuid-Limburg routes are well-prepared and also connected to each other, which makes no less than 250 km of continuous biking fun possible for the advanced biker, but also for the beginner.

Mountain bike routes

In the immediate vicinity of Buitenplaats de Mechelerhof there are several beautiful mountain bike routes.

Mechelen ATB route  (download)

Watch the video impression of the Mechelen route from Buitenplaats de Mechelerhof by MTB Challenge.

"Mechelen in the beautiful South-Limburg. Beautiful surroundings, beautiful views, more than 300 altimeters and wonderful descents. Some asphalt and nowhere really exciting. Good to combine with Epen and Gulpen".

Epen / Vijlen ATB-route (download)

Watch the video impression Epen-route from Buitenplaats de Mechelerhof by MTB Challenge.

"Epen! One of the routes with a lot of altimeters (for Dutch standards). Enjoy, and definitely put on your to-ride-list!

Tips for cycling fanatics

  1. Accommodation for Bart Brentjens Challenge
  2. Accommodation for Limburgs Most Beautiful
  3. Suitable for beginners and advanced bikers
  4. 250km of contiguous mountain bike trails
  5. Mountain Bike Road Maps
  6. Lockable bike shed or private bike locker
  7. Spraying area for mountain bikes
  8. Laundromat
  9. Specific bicycle tools available
  10. We are part of the ANWB Bicycle Service Point Network

Other mountain bike routes in the vicinity of Buitenplaats de Mechelerhof:

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