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Duurzame accommodatie

Responsible paper

Buitenplaats de Mechelerhof attempts its surroundings with respect and sees sustainability as a priority in its organization. We try to keep the amount of printed material as low as possible. Hence, we try to produce as less as possible printing brochures. Nevertheless, we see it as our job to give you a nice holiday. That is why we always try to find the right balance. We try to separately collect all the dirt, that's why you have the opportunity to deliver your old paper separated to us so we reuse used paper as much as possible. We would therefore ask you to return printed materials to us after you used it, so they can be reused by the next guest. If we together try to deal with responsibility to our surroundings, then this will certainly benefit the environment.


On the Mechelerhof are spread different bins for paper, glass and other wate. The remaining garbage is separated on-site for you, so it is not necessary to collect plastic separately. What remains is converted through combustion into green energy. Buitenplaats de Mechelerhof runs fully on green energy.


We are currently working to change our cleaning products that we use in our holiday homes for ecologically fully biodegradable cleaning products that include the Sustainable Cleaning Certificate.

Digital communication

Many current communication between people and companies nowadays goes digital. We have already asked our suppliers to use as much asour digital mailbox so that weas little as possible. If you have a question, we would ask you to send it preferably by e-mail, via our email address

Anchoring in the hilly landscape

The shorter the distance that a product travels, the better it is for the quality of our environment. That is why we make use of the services for our products from our local bakery and local butcher, both are located in Mechelen. If it do not live close to a producer, becausea product simply can not be grown here in the region, we prefer to shop for organizations with a fair trade label.

Interior holiday homes

For the interior of the holiday homes it is important to look at the long term. In other words, the stuff we buy must be durable and long lasting. The existing lamps used in the bungalows are slowly replaced with compact fluorescent or LED lighting. Our technical department uses an electrically powered golf cart.

What can you do with sustainability?

Guests can also contribute to our sustainability by example by using no more water, gas or electricity than you need. Turn off the lights and equipment off when absent. For example, you pull out the plug of the coffee machine when it is not in use. Put in the colder periods of the year your thermostat at 15 degrees Celsius half an hour before going to bed; you will see that it is still pleasantly warm in your accommodation while still saving a lot of energy. Try to keep the refrigerator always as full as possible, for example, with bottles of water. The appliance then uses considerably less energy.