Frequently asked questions

When can we arrive?

Regularly you arrive on Monday or Friday. If you wish to arrive or depart on a different day, please contact us. Arrivals are from 15.00 on Monday and Friday. When you arrive on another day, you are welcome from 12.00. Take into account that some Holiday-packages include arrival on another day than Monday or Friday. For these special packages arrival is also from 15.00.

I can’t make it before closing of the reception, what do I do?

When you are not able to arrive before 17.00 ‘o clock, please contact the reception by telephone (+31-43 455 22 22).

Do I have to pay a deposit upon arrival?

You will be asked to place a deposit for your stay at the holiday home. You will receive an authorization form for the amount of €50,-. If there is damage to the apartment upon departure, the abovementioned amount will be withdrawn from your bank account.

Is there a children’s bed, high-chair or playpen available?

Children’s furniture is not present in the holiday home. However, we have them available at your disposal and you can add these to your reservation.

Are non-smoking accommodations available?

There are a a alot of non-smoking accommodations, you can make your preference known using the reservation system.

Is it possible to park my car alongside the holiday home?

Buitenplaats De Mechelerhof is a pedestrian zone. It is only allowed to park your car near a holiday home on Monday and Friday (arrival days) in order to (un-)load. After you are finished moving your things from the car to the holiday home and the other way around, we ask you to move your car to the central parking-lot. Visitors are required to park their car on the parking-lot at all times.

Is there a laundry in the park?

When you stand in front of the reception, you will see on your left a small building. Here is the laundry (this is open 24 hours a day). You can use both washing and drying machines. Do you want to make use of this facility? Then you can get at the receptie special coins for washing (€ 5.65) and dry currencies (€ 3.10). Washing powder is also available and can be found in the park shop. A cup of washing powder costs only € 0.75.

Are there accommodations suitable for the disabled?

Some holiday homes are even-leveled, however, there are no special adjustments made on the interior of the holiday home. You can contact the reception to determine whether an apartment is suitable for your needs.

I would like to invite guests during my stay, is that allowed?

Your guests are more than welcome until 23.00 ‘o clock. When they stay the night, please inform the reception of your plans since we will have to charge the valid rate.

Is the holiday home equipped with a ‘Senseo’ or with a regular coffee machine?

In the holiday home you can brew your coffee with a regular coffee maker. Don’t forget to bring coffee-filters. However, if you do, you can also buy the filters at our kiosk in the main building.

Which type of internet connection is available in the holiday home?

A wireless internet connection is at your disposal. You can use the wireless internet free of charge. More information is available at the reception.

In what state does the accommodation need to be upon departure?

We expect you to leave the holiday home ‘sweep-clean’, that is to say, without waste lying on the floor. Also, we like you to take out the garbage, wash the dishes and put them away, take the sheets off of the beds and leave them in the hallway, clear out the refrigerator, set it to ‘1’, put the (garden)furniture back to its original position, close windows and doors and lock the holiday home (also the terrace door).

When is the invoice due?

We ask you to make a down payment of 50% of the total invoice no later than 2 weeks after making the reservation. The other 50% is due 4 weeks before arrival. If you have made reservations 2 weeks before arrival then we ask you to pay the full invoice upon arrival. You can pay with cash, by pin or by credit card.

Will I be able to get a receipt?

You do not get a receipt when you have made the payment by bank in advance. Your bank statement serves as your receipt.

What do I state as description of the payment?

We ask you to state the invoice- and booking number when paying the invoice. You can find these numbers on the upper left corner of the confirmation letter.

Can I book with a preference for a holiday home number?

You can book via both online and by telephone if you prefer a holiday home number. For this you pay € 15.00 preference cost. If we are unable to satisfy your request preference in connection with emergencies, of course you get preferred cost return.

Is it possible to take an option on a holiday home?

It’s possible to take an option on a bungalow by phone or by email. We will then agree on a term by which we need to know whether you want to make a reservation or cancel the option.

Can I book with a preference for a holiday home number?

When you have not yet received a confirmation after 24 hours, neither by email nor by regular mail, we kindly ask you to make this known to us by email or by phone. We will then make sure you will receive the confirmation as soon as possible.

How can I cancel my booking?

If you booked directly through Buitenplaats De Mechelerhof (online, telephone or by e-mail), you can cancel only in writing (letter or e-mail). You can also do this through our contact page. Always mention the booking number.

If canceled, you pay a fee to the Mechelerhof. This amounts to:

- Cancellation more than three months before the arrival date, 15% of the agreed price;

- For cancellation within three to two months before the arrival date, 50% of the agreed price;

- For cancellation within two to one month before the arrival date, 75% of the agreed price;

- For cancellation within one month before the arrival date, 90% of the agreed price;

- Cancellation on the day of arrival, 100% of the agreed price.

For cancellation policy we also refer to the terms and conditions. If you have booked through a travel agent or external booking channel you must cancel your stay there.

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