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6 June 2024

Explore the Dutch Mountain Trail from our park

The Dutch Mountain Trail passes by Mechelen and runs through the Geul Valley, where Buitenplaats de Mechelerhof is also located. This makes the Mechelerhof an ideal base for hikers who want to explore this challenging trail.

What is the Dutch Mountain Trail?

The Dutch Mountain Trail is one of the most challenging hiking trails in the Netherlands, located in hilly South Limburg. The trail stretches for approximately 101 kilometers and takes hikers past the highest peaks in the Netherlands, known as the "Dutch Mountains." This hiking route offers breathtaking views, steep climbs and descents, and passes through picturesque villages, forests, meadows and river valleys. You can split the route into 4 separate sections where you will encounter as many as 7 mountain peaks.

Why choose Buitenplaats de Mechelerhof as your accommodation during the Dutch Mountail Trail?

  1. Ideal location: Located in the heart of South Limburg, the Mechelerhof offers easy access to the Dutch Mountain Trail. You can easily reach the trail and return to the comfort of our cozy vacation rentals after a day of exertion.

  2. Comfortable accommodation: After an intensive day of hiking, you can relax in our well-equipped vacation homes. Enjoy a good night's sleep in quiet surroundings, so you can hit the trail fresh the next day.

  3. Facilities for hikers: The Mechelerhof offers excellent facilities for hikers. Use our indoor bike cleaning station to clean your hiking boots and equipment. We also offer charging stations for electric cars, so you are always charged and ready for your next leg.

  4. Rest and relaxation: Our beautiful location offers not only access to the Dutch Mountain Trail, but also a serene environment to relax. Enjoy the tranquility and beautiful nature of South Limburg after your hiking adventure.

  5. Local attractions: In addition to the trail, there are plenty of local attractions to explore. Visit picturesque villages, historic castles and enjoy local gastronomy in one of the cozy restaurants and cafes nearby.