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16 January 2024

Limburg flan official European recognition

Good news for Limburg! The beloved Limburg flan is now officially recognised as a European regional product. This recognition comes as good news not only for the province and the culinary world, but also for you as a guest of De Mechelerhof.

De Mechelerhof, located in the picturesque surroundings of Mechelen in Dutch Limburg, is already known for its hospitality and beautiful holiday homes. Now, guests of the park can also enjoy the authentic Limburg vlaai, which is available for order at the reception during their stay.

Ordering local speciality

The Limburg flans you can order at De Mechelerhof are prepared according to traditional recipes with local ingredients by a local bakery. Guests can now taste a piece of Limburg culinary history while enjoying the beautiful nature and relaxed atmosphere of the holiday park.

When booking the VIP package, you will receive a Limburg flan on arrival.

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