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22 June 2021

Mechelen Family Ride opened!

Mountain bike route for youth and families

On Monday 21 June, The Mechelen Family Ride opened at Buitenplaats De Mechelerhof. On this new mountain bike route of 9.2 km, youth, families and people who want to try mountain biking can get to know mountain biking in a fun and safe way. 

The Mechelen Family Ride is the initiative of mountain biker Gerben Bouma, who saw an opportunity to create a route near Mechelen that would appeal to young people and parents with children. The existing routes in southern Limburg are, due to their length and sometimes tough climbs and descents, less attractive for these target groups and therefore this new route is suitable for everyone.

The initiative for the new route was taken by the Foundation Mountain Bike Development South Limburg and the municipality of Gulpen-Wittem. The Mechelen Family-Ride is officially the first of its kind in the province of Limburg. Buitenplaats De Mechelerhof was also enthusiastic about the initiative for this new route and therefore cooperated with the construction. The Mechelerhof is already an Official Trailhub and has extensive cycling facilities. The construction of the route was carried out by volunteers from TWC Mechelen. In the vicinity of De Mechelerhof, a mini-bike park is also being prepared, which is also aimed at young people.

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