In search of culture

Buitenplaats De Mechelerhof is the right place for the best cultural activities. From museums to castles, it is all possible.

Nice to discover

In the neighbourhood of Buitenplaats De Mechelerhof you can undertake various fun activities and visit places if you want something different.

In the beautiful Geul Valley

The Geuldal is a beautiful area where you can walk, cycle and enjoy. 

For some nice shopping

Shopping is very good in South Limburg. Several large cities provide a number of very nice shopping days in Limburg.

And relax in a spa

There is nothing better than a day's rest and enjoyment in a Wellness facility. We are therefore very happy that there are several wellness centres in the vicinity of Buitenplaats De Mechelerhof.

To an amusement park or zoo

A visit to an amusement park or zoo is also possible from Buitenplaats De Mechelerhof. From Gaia Zoo to Sprookjesbos theme park: there is something for everyone.

For a snack & drink

For a snack and a drink you can visit several places around Buitenplaats De Mechelerhof.

Sporting excursions

From Buitenplaats De Mechelerhof, you can undertake various sporting excursions. Swimming, mountain biking, cycling or walking for example. But there is even more to do.


Limburg is of course known for its beautiful cycling routes and excellent walking possibilities. But there is something else they are good at in Limburg: making wine.

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