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Thermal bath museum

At the Thermal bath museum in Heerlen you find an impressive collection of the remains of a Roman bathing facility (‘thermen’). The only public bathing facility of that era that has been preserved in The Netherlands. You can admire the remains from a large gangway. At the museum you can also see a varied and large collection of appliances from the Roman times. These all come from Coriovallum (the Roman city lying underneath Heerlen) and from villa’s and farms from the surroundings.

Hoensbroek Castle

The single museum-castle in Limburg gives you a true experience of past times of the Middle Ages. Fun for young and old! You can get a map with which you can explore the castle. You will receive information about the construction history, the decoration and the castle residents. For the younger guests they provide various quests and other activities. Something for everybody! When you are done exploring you can relax and catch your breath while enjoying a cup of coffee and traditional Limburg pie.

Natural History Museum Maastricht

The permanent exhibition at the Natural History Museum tells the story of the nature of Limburg, past and present. A Journey through Time takes you along with an extensive fossil collection by 400 million years of Earth's history. The department Dynamics explains the interaction between man and nature. The second part of the first floor shows the different landscapes of the current Limburg. In the aquariums you will find the fish who live in the streams and rivers in Limburg, and the renewed insektarium illustrates the incredible diversity of insects. The 'Brown Museum shows how a museum looked like a hundred years ago. Huge fossil mosasaur Bèr is too large for the museum; he stands in his own house in the museum garden.

Bonnefantenmuseum Maastricht

The Bonnefantenmuseum, in a building of Aldo Rossi, combines private and public collections, both ancient painting and sculpture and contemporary art. Nice to see!


Museum Vaals

The museum presents its exhibits in a historic monastery chapel. A unique collection of saints with a height of 1 meter to 3.5 meter variably combined with contemporary art. In the "colorful diorama" the visitor is surrounded by over 200 church pictures with their own story. It will be for the visitor to the museum truly an experience to walk down the aisle to the altar. Note that the controversial museum has information for every visitor about his or her personal name saint.
Opposite the museum stands, in the park, the special atmospheric museum "Black Madonna". In the park and forest you can admire, next to the oldest tree in Vaals, various ancient and modern saints.

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