In the beautiful Geul Valley

Discover the Golden Valley

The Geuldal runs through the Netherlands and Belgium. The river Geul is the fastest flowing river of the Netherlands. It is also a river with many branches. Through all these branches a walk through the valley becomes a beautiful experience.

Beautiful nature

The nature in the Geul Valley is beautiful. There are small streams running between the hills, there are many animals to be found and there are beautiful forests to be found. That makes the Geuldal an ideal walking area. It is therefore not surprising that there are many different walking routes through the valley.

Nice cities near the Geuldal

There are also several nice cities in the Geuldal. How about the cozy Gulpen? Gulpen is a town where you can relax on one of the terraces. But you can also visit the local brewery Gulpener Bierbrouwerij. Another nice town is of course Valkenburg. Here you can visit the ruins above the town or for example get a guided tour through the marlstone caves.

Environment overview

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