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The old fortified Valkenburg at the Geul

You can find the old fortified town of Valkenburg at a distance of only 12 kilometres from Buitenplaats de Mechelerhof. For many middle-aged and older people, Valkenburg was the former holiday destination of the Netherlands, but many teens also visited Valkenburg with his or her teen tour of the NS.  However, Valkenburg nowadays is the place to be in the south of Limburg. The former fortress town is nestled between the hills of South Limburg in the middle of the hill land. The fortified town already lays for hundreds of years between big cities such as Luik, Aken en Maastricht. If you stay at Buitenplaats the Mechelerhof, then Valkenburg, or Valkenburg at the Geul as it is officially named is definitely worth visiting. Until today, you can find in Valkenburg traces of its rich past. Besides the remains of ancient city walls, there are also gates that have been restored to its former glory as the Geulpoort, the main gate of the old city and the Gendelpoort. Special and typical for this region is the old coalmine.

Valkenburg tourist attractions

The Cauberg is not only famous among cyclists, but almost every Dutch person is familiar with the steep slopes of this mountain in Valkenburg. It is one of the most famous climbs during the Amstel Gold Race, with the finish line at the top, and during many performances at the Dutch cycling championships. The Amstel Gold Race is the most important one-day professional cycling event in the Netherlands. Since 2009, the event is part of the UCI World Tour. The Amstel Gold Race for professionals is organized every year. Also, 12.000 cyclists can participate in this Amstel Gold Race. Many of them spend the night at the Mechelerhof! At the top of the Cauberg, you find the famous wellness resort Thermae 2000 and the well-known Holland Casino. Others visit the Velvet Cave, a limestone cave, or the Gemeentecave. There are secret passages that lead to the Castle of Valkenburg. The castle is now a ruin, but still enjoys a beautiful location that overlooks the pasture area. Another well-known viewpoint is the famous Wilhelmina Tower, named after our former queen. You can reach the tower by foot or comfortably by cable car. At the tower, there are two hundred meter long zip lines. The centre of the nightlife in Valkenburg is the Grotestraat, with dozens of terraces; one can taste the rich flowing Limburg beer. Around Christmas, you can enjoy the Valkenburg Christmas market. This market is built underground in the Velvet Cave and Cave city, a unique setting for a Christmas market.  Are you with children? Than you may consider visiting the fanciful or fairy-tale amusement park the ‘Valkenier’. This is a cosy park, especially for smaller children. Are you tired of seeing the many attractions of Valkenburg? No problem! Visit the Thermae 2000 Spa and enjoy the many hot tubs!